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Nell Norwood, RN

Nell Norwood, RN, Director of Nursing, Assistant Administrator

    I have lived in DeSoto Parish for 29 years, 25 of those years I was in a community service club (Pilot Club) doing community service and 17 of those years I have worked as a nurse in this parish.  I have seen the need for a local hospice for years and through hard work, determination and an excellent staff we now have one.  I believe, and always will, that it is a God called service to care for the sick and the dying.

    The reason I decided to take this position is that I knew the people in this parish and the surrounding area desperately needed a hospice close enough to provide the care our patients would need in a professional and timely manner.  And just not care in a timely manner, but from a caring staff that I have hand-picked for this job.  For those of you who know me and know my dedication to nursing will understand.

    My staff consists of a professional team of two Medical Directors, Nurses, CNA’s, Medical Social Workers, Chaplains, Volunteer Coordinator, Volunteers and Marketers.  I have witnessed how a group of professionals can come together to discuss each patient and improve the care and quality of life that patient and family deserves.  To be a hospice employee is to have the hardest job you have ever worked, but in the same breath it is the most rewarding and wonderful job you ever have.

   When we admit a patient to hospice and that family ask us to take good care of their loved one the only response we can make to that family is that we are not going to take care of their loved one like they are a member of their family, but a member of ours.

Director of Nursing | Assistant Administrator

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