Our Mission:

To provide care and education that positively transform the way people view and experience the end of life.

Caring Staff

At Superior Hospice our hospice and palliative care is provided by a medically supervised interdisciplinary team of professionals and volunteers. The types of support services we provide vary from patient to patient. Our objective is to reduce the stress and pressure on the patient and their family to allow them to make the most of their time together.

Our People Make The Difference

Our Nurses

Nurses play an essential role on the Superior Hospice team. They are thorough  and compassionate in caring for our hospice patients. Because pain control is often central to hospice care, our nurses will make every effort to relieve pain and make the patient as comfortable as possible. Our nurses have also been trained in the latest holistic care techniques for both patients and their families.

Our Social Workers

Social workers help Superior Hospice patients and their families deal with symptoms, psychological stress, and ethical dilemmas such as those associated with withdrawing or withholding treatment. They often counsel families and patients to help them understand the emotions they may experience during this difficult time. Social workers may work with community agencies to assist the patient and family members. In addition, a social worker may facilitate communication between patient and family, attempting to ensure that everything essential is resolved between the patient, family members, and friends.

Spiritual Support &

Bereavement Counseling

  Spirituality is universal, but its expression is personal and unique to each individual. Some patients and their families desire the rituals and traditions of their religion, while others want to meet their spiritual end-of-life needs in their own individual way. Superior Hospice spiritual coordinators help patients and their families address their emotional and spiritual needs at the end of life, in accordance with each person’s individual beliefs and preferences.

  Bereavement counseling supports people with emotional and psychological stresses following the death of a loved one. Superior Hospice offers a broad range of transition services including outreach, counseling and referral services to family members. Hospice bereavement counselors support families as they begin their first year without their loved one, helping them through holidays, anniversaries or other special days with calls, visitors or inspirational articles and poems.

Our bereavement counseling programs are designed to:

• Help individuals better understand grief

• Learn healthy coping skills

• Share feelings with others who have experienced or are experiencing loss

Personal Care


Superior Hospice understands patients and their families may want to focus on each other, not on details and paperwork. We offer personal care assistance to give families the freedom from worry about care and safety issues.

Chasity Ebarb, MSW Linda Sterling, RN Lisa Price, LPN Renee Evans, BSN Ryan Temple, LPN Tiffany Norwood, BSN Diane James Sharon Ross Joe Waggener, Chaplain Marie Alford Stella Hall Wanda Wilson Jan Nettles

Community Educators

Community Educators educate physicians, family members and patients on Hospice Care.

Marsha Reynolds Angela Ryan Buck Furlow, Chaplain Carolyn Evans